Tale til støttearrangement for Aleppo og Syrien

Speech to support event for Aleppo and Syria by Det Jysk-Syriske Kulturkollektiv 29. oktober 2016 in Aarhus.


Hi everybody. My is Sander Jensen. I’m a candidate for parliament for Alternativet (the Alternative) and will also be running for city council here in Aarhus.

I’ve decided to speak in English as we have many internationals here today and of course also from Syria. Are you there? Hello. Welcome to Denmark. You are most welcome. Don’t believe all the bad things Danish media are writing about refugees. Many of us Danes are actually vert happy that we can help you.

I’m also very happy that I got invited to this great event to help focus on what is going on in Syria. But I’m also sad. Because it is with great sorrow in my heart that I stand here today. Everyone that have followed the war in Syria knows how terrible and ruthless this civil war is. Actually is not really a war. It a slow strangling genocide against the Syrian people by the Assad-regime and many other powers that are using Syria for their own power ambitions.

This grief I have in my heart reminds me of another war in the 1990ties in the former Yugoslavia. As a young man I followed the genocide, slaughter and ethnic cleansing where the world stood by passive and powerless. Many of us still remember the ruthless siege of Sarajevo and the massacre of 8.000 innocent people in Srebrenica. And I remember that I felt helpless. But at least at that time we opened our borders for refugees.

That feeling of grief and helplessness I think many of us also have when we think of Aleppo. This time it just feels much worse. We’ve all heard the stories and seen the pictures and the videos of death and destruction. We have seen children blown to pieces and dying of gas attacks. Shot by snipers or killed by barrel bombs. It is the most well documented conflict ever. And perhaps some of you here today have witnessed it with you own eyes or have friends and family that are dead or wounded or living in fear as we speak.

We’ve perhaps seen it so much that we have become numb – passive – apathetic. Because what can you do? As a person? What can I do?

The world community has no answer. There was a small opening for at no fly zone in Syria but as soon at the Russians came, no one dares it. Because we are scared of starting an even bigger war – perhaps even a world war.

Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin and many other leaders are cynical and has no morals what so ever. The situation in the Middle East is complex and everybody is fighting for power. On one hand we have Assad, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah and other Shia Muslim extremists that hates Sunni Muslims states and the Vest.

On the other hand, we have Sunni Muslim Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar that supports extreme Sunni Muslim extremists – even Al-Qaeda – that all hate Assad and Iran. Then there is the US and European countries that are trying to support moderate rebel groups and hates Assad but only bombs ISIS / Daesh.

And then there is Turkey that hates Assad but hates the Kurds even more and have nothing against Daesh or Assad as long as they fight the Kurds. And then there is ISIS / Daesh that everybody hates unless the fight their enemies. Then there is Israel that just enjoys that all the Arabs are fighting each other and not them for once. There is no honor. There is no humanity. There is no justice.

As I see it there is only one big hope for Syria. That is USA and Europe can put so much pressure on Russia, that they stop Assad. But that will not happen before after the US presidential election is over. It is all about nasty politics.

What does Denmark do? We bomb Daesh. But that is not gonna end the war in Syria or help the Syrian people. Instead of using millions of dollars on bombs we should send aid to millions to the refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and so on. Help them get organized and have better living conditions. That would save more lives. The biggest terrorist is Assad and his helpers. Not Daesh.

In the middle of this huge power game. We have the Syrian people. The real victims. Men, women, children. That is why we are here today. We are here to tell the world, that they shall do something more to help the Syrian people.

But my question was. What can we do? What can I do? As a person. Well just that you are here today shows that you are doing something. That you are thinking of Aleppo and the Syrian people. And I’m sure that some of the people in Aleppo will see this and hear us. I hope that you who knows people there will send our love and support. Let them hear us. Let them see us. Tell them that Aleppo is not forgotten and never will be.

We can talk to your friends, write politicians, join events like this, help the Syrian refugees in Denmark. We can donate to help organizations or donate to the White Helmets, that are helping the civilians.

Is there hope? There is always hope. Hope is what makes us human. Hope is the force that make us survive and not give up. Like the people of Aleppo. One day Aleppo will again be free. One day Syria will be free. One day they will live in peace with each other. Because that is what history tells us. All evil will at one point come to an end. And the good will prevail. Like it happened in the former Yugoslavia. It is a matter of time, patience and persistence – and hard dedicated work for peace. By coming here today you have helped on that road to peace.

So let us today remember Aleppo and give room for our own helplessness and grief but lets us also try to enjoy this day where we come together as one group of people from all countries and cultures – that all wants peace. Let this day also be a celebration to life, humanity and hope.

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