Heartily Welcome to Aarhus

The Alternative is a green party that is very open to international relations, new cultures, and is a pro European party. I would like to include internationals more in our common society so you can participate on an equal footing with Danish citizens.

Internationals are vital to our city and you help to give new knowledge, inspiration, and jobs to Aarhus. I would also very much like to listen to, what you believe could make you stay more beneficial that even want you to become a permanent resident in Aarhus.

Ideas for better international and local relations

– International sports, leisure, and cultural events

– Housing to internationals students with local residents as neighbours

– Encourage local business, culture, and leisure life to have international strategies

– More English language in the public space and in public communication to citizens

– More networking and closer connection between internationals and locals in the areas of business, culture, and education

– International parties and dinner dances

Welcome to the City of Smiles 🙂


My Key Issues


Together we create a green hope for people and the environment in Aarhus.


Citizenship: You’re invited.

Development of policies needs to begin with the citizens. There must be community centres and small city councils in every neighbourhood. The City Council’s work has to be open and understandable to everyone.

Environment: You’re the green hope.

100% sustainable energy and 100% organic. A plastic-free municipality, a car-free city centre and bicycle trails in all suburbs. Green retreats and high demands for sustainable city development.

People: You’re wanted.

Everybody has a right to a home, support and therapeutic treatment. Better recreational offerings and more pedagogues per child in the day-care centres. Entrepreneurship must serve as the driving force and an attempt at citizen pay.

City Development

• Green new builds, protect old neighbourhoods

• More trees in the city, rooftop gardens, cycle paths and tramlines


• Help the unemployed to become self-employed

• Entrepreneur centre for new entrepreneurs

Cultural life

• Double the city’s culture budget

• Focus on international culture

Primary schools

• More autonomy, less regulation

• Further training for teachers and principals


• Invite citizens to be part of political developments

• Everyone should feel like part of the community

About me

Self-employed communications consultant and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. For the time being I work for an app-bureau as relations manager.

Living with my family with two girls and girlfriend in Trøjborg.

I believe in…

A great social responsibility, where the strongest shoulders support the weakest in a strong welfare state with a dynamic labour market.

Personal freedom to live your own life as you wish regardless of religion, sexuality, gender, political belief or cultural background.

Trust towards people, that we are all born equal with equal rights and duties in a world where we must take responsibility for ourselves and each other.

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